Education Programs

Our education program is designed to deliver superior learning outcomes

Volunteer & Alumni Programs

Our volunteer and alumni programs aim for holistic development of our students


Inculcation of reading habits in students, is SEW's top priority. In order to achieve this objective, SEW establish libraries in schools. Library period provides reading opportunity to the students. Review and change of library books is annual feature. Some schools also have digital libraries.


Since 1996, SEW educated more than 200,000 children till now. These students called "Baithak Sitaray". After completion of primary education at Baithak School, we bridge between Baithak Sitara and nearby secondary school for his / her further education. SEW organize small and large gathering for Baithak Sitaray, time-to-time.


To connect privileged and underprivileged segments of society, SEW is running this program. Students from universities, colleges and other professional institutions come at Baithak School and interact with BSN students. Learning occur and passion develop vise versa. Feelings, care, exchange of ideas are occur in these session. Such sessions built the true understanding of the society among privileged students while BSN students get information and motivation about different course of life.


Health and hygiene are challenges at surrounding of Baithak Schools. Awareness about diseases, preventive measures and medical checkups are built in school activities. We engaged professional individuals and institutions for it and by running curricular and co-curricular activities for awareness and learning of the students. We try and promote both theoretical and practical guidelines to ensure students have the basic knowledge of how to look after themselves and make the environment healthy.

Our Community Programs

Our community programmes are focused on developing thriving communities around our schools

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Baithak embeds its purpose-built schools in the heart of urban slums and rural communities

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