Why Us?

Education is the fundamental source for positive change in any society and in an individual. We can emerge as nation and produce best individuals by one mean that is education. Unfortunately Pakistan is from amongst the countries that do not possess an impressive rate of literacy. Because of this reason, large number of population is either under-privileged or living even below the subsistence level. So, people residing in these far-flung areas can’t even imagine to acquire education not just because of inherent expenses like high fees, cost of books and stationery, uniforms etc. but also due to non-existence of schools in their localities. If there are any schools, they are miles away from their residential areas. Even, most of these Pakistanis are not aware about importance of education, nor visualize the impact of education on their wards.

This scenario can only be changed, when we join the hands objectively and each educate person should take the responsibility for education of at least one illiterate individual. It’s great if all of us spend our time for this cause but surely it is not possible for every one so he or she can do it from the platform of any organization like Baithak School Network. So, let’s make our mind today with a strong will to start education of at least one person and change the destiny of our country


"May Almighty ALLAH (SWT) inculcate our pain and passions in the hearts of all our country men to share the task to eradicate the menace of illiteracy from the soil of the mother land". (Aameen)


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